Ohad Meromi’s THE SUNBATHER sits on a traffic median, among new construction projects in Queens. The 4,000 pound pink bronze was commissioned for the Jackson Avenue Streetscape Project by the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Percent for Art Program.
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Tim Hawkinson – BALLOON PORTRAIT #4
Balloon Self-portrait # 4 was created and installed at
Nyehaus Gallery in New York. Tim painted rubber on his
entire body, with the help of his wife who painted his back. He then cut open the waist and stepped out of the piece (like stepping out of a pair of pajamas). The rubber was mended at the waist and the piece was fitted with an air valve. It is kept continuously inflated with a fish tank aeration motor. New Foundry produced a production rubber mold of this piece and made subsequent Balloon Self-portraits.



Fred Wilson – GODDESSES



CLOCKS for City Hall, New York City



Kostas Seremetis – THE ETERNAL

High polished and laquered bronze casting with high polished chrome torso.

Saint Clair Cemin – FOUNTAIN



Zhang Huan – PEACE
This foundry project involved a full life body casting of Zhang Huan, cast bronze bell, and a 12' fabricated steel structural frame.
Zhang's figure was completely molded in a non toxic silicon rubber. The production mold produced a wax and subsequent bronze casting with exacting skin and hair texture detail. The bronze casting was leafed with 24 carat gold and suspended from cables. This piece operates as a kind of gong - when the figure is pulled back and away from the bell. and released, the bronze head strikes the bell and produces a low sound. In cooperation with the Battery Park City Authority and Creative Time, The Peace project was unveiled along with a performance piece by Zuan Huan which included the release of 1000 doves.



Louis Gispert – Four cast bronze, high-polished BOOM BOX BENCHES