Anne Chu was born in 1959 in New York City. She studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and received an MFA from Columbia University.

Her work blends elements of Eastern and Western influence, creating a strong dichotomy between that which is modern and ancient, abstract and figurative, unknown and fantastical. They serve as liaisons to alternate realms of artistic thought and expression, particularly through the many techniques she employs to seamlessly unite form, content, and color, in a seemingly effortless, cohesive manner. Although she is primarily a sculptor, creating monumental works from wood, ceramic and paper mache, Chu has also made formidable attempts at watercolors and, in particular, monotypes. There she has chosen the themes of landscapes, castles and knights, creating large and unique works that at first glance seem abstract but thematically contain figurative elements which form a connective thread through her work. The handmade Japanese Kozo papers and the organic earthy tones of the inks enhance the fluidity and gracefulness of the prints.

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